Student Story 

Miguel, Age 16

Student Stories


Fall 2013


Miguel Fall 2013

A panel from Miguel’s poster titled “The Clown Zombie Apocalypse”

Miguel, age 16, participated in in the Fall 2013 session of Islands of Brilliance. The following story was given to us by Daysi Jimenez, Special Ed coordinator and one of Miguel’s teachers at Carmen High School:

“Imagine loving something so much and then realize you can do it better. That’s what Miguel discovered last year after completing the program at Islands of Brilliance. Miguel is a self-taught drawer and his imagination has allowed him to create fascinating pictures. He was intrigued by the idea of digitizing his drawings and learning about different software. Islands of Brilliance was the stepping stone that helped Miguel and his family recognize his natural talent of drawing can lead to something more. Miguel attended the two-week CORE program which is for beginning or intermediate students interested in exploring two areas of art study at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD). This was an exciting opportunity for him and he couldn’t wait to learn how to begin a “professional artist”. I’m pleased with the experience Miguel had with Islands of Brilliance, not only because it boosted his self-esteem, but most importantly it helped him develop a possible career interest”.