Student Stories 

Gabe, Age 13

Student Stories


Spring 2013


Gabe's Poster - Spring 2013Gabe participated in the very first Islands of Brilliance class in Fall 2012, and has now been working with his mentor Nate Fehlauer for three years! One area of perseveration for Gabe is riding elevators, and during his second session at Islands he created this inventive visual representation of one. At face value this looks like a fun, colorful, extremely well-designed poster of an elevator transporting riders to some of Gabe’s favorite stores. When we apply a critical professional eye, what we see is a wonderful example of wayfinding. And if we look at what Gabe did through the lens of our digital devices, this can also be seen as an excellent example of user experience design.

As remarkable as this example of work is, what’s even more rewarding is the bond that has grown between Gabe and Nate. A true collaborative creative team, Gabe is eager to see Nate each week. Not only has a true friendship formed, but Nate is able to read Gabe and redirect him to focus on tasks and activities when he begins to struggle.